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EKG Insights is dedicated to providing convenient and cost-effective tools for monitoring and maintaining cardiovascular health.

We offer clinical-grade in-office diagnostic solutions, home health tools and consumer facing visualizations that distill information from complex bio-signals into intuitive and approachable formats.




PlainSight is an EKG analysis solution that pairs a detailed measurement and risk-analysis report with our patented visualization technique.

It works by combining standard electrocardiography wave measurements with a deeper analysis of subtle fluctuations within those waves to produce a remarkably detailed picture of overall cardiac health. 


It is able to do this using just the limb lead data from a standard six or twelve-lead EKG capture file.


By maximizing the amount of useful information obtained from the limb leads, PlainSight opens up myriad new possibilities for clinically significant, convenient and cost-effective mass screenings. 

The intuitive visualizations provide an instant connection between a patient and their data and an elegant solution for tracking changes to EKG patterns over time that cannot be matched by traditional wave plots and data points.

We provide a robust API that makes this unique tool available to any device manufacturer or software developer who wants to offer their EKG customers an entirely new level of access and understanding.



EKG Insights is partnering with major US academic medical centers to perform retrospective studies on decades worth of previously captured EKG files and longitudinal health records.


This work will combine the power of our patented analysis methods with modern deep machine learning techniques to further improve the utility and accuracy of PlainSight.

PlainSight is also being evaluated to determine if it can provide a simple visual indication of suspected COVID-19 related cardiac pathologies.


This will provide a rapidly scalable solution for mass screening to detect damage from undiagnosed COVID and for visually tracking the impact of the virus on cardiac function over time.

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